All our frames are handmade by us. We take great pride in turning your memories into pieces of art. All our frames are made using wood and come ready to hang. We use sawtooth hangers on the back of your frame and we recommend you using the Command Sawtooth Picture Hanger for hanging your frame. If your frame is over a certain size, we will use two - one for each corner - for strength and stability.

For prints over A3 on satin or matte paper, we stick down to a self adhesive backing board. This is to ensure no cockling or wrinkling over time.

We use perspex for the glazing. We find it much safer for shipping purposes and reduces the chance of damage during transit. It is also much lighter with UV properties so hanging it is much safer. Your frame will arrive with a sheet of 'sticky' over the front of the perspex - or both sides if you've selected a 'Frame Only'. All you need to do is remove the sticky (on one or both sides) and your frame is ready to hang. We recommend cleaning with a soft static free cloth (be careful, it can scratch easier than glass).

All your frames come bubble wrapped with corners and corrugated cardboard. Sometimes the packaging may look ugly! We like to reuse and recycle as much as possible, ensuring your frame arrives in one piece!


We use three beautiful Breathing Colour papers for all our prints:


Matte Photo Paper

Our most popular photo paper
Matte Photo Paper

Satin Photo Paper

Heavyweight photo paper
Satin Photo Paper

Fine Art Textured Paper

A budget friendly fine art paper
Fine Art Textured Paper


There's a few things to keep in mind before you start. Have a read of the below to make sure you get the best quality from your image or frame.

Resolution has everything to do with how your image prints and not what you see on the screen, which is why images you download off the Internet usually appear much larger and higher quality on your screen than when you print them. The higher the resolution of your image - the more paper sizes you will be able to choose from. For the best results, make sure your images are over 3MB and take your photo at the highest setting. Your image must be at least 150dpi to be able to upload and ensure a quality print.

File Types
We can accept images in most formats, but if you're image is too large, please email us to receive your file another way. On the other hand, if your image is too small, you won't be able to upload it because of the low quality. Make sure when you take your photos, you have them on the highest quality setting to ensure you have a range of paper sizes to choose from.

Colour Discrepancies
Colours do vary from phone screens, camera and computer screens to the final print product, so what you see on your screen may not be exactly what's on your print. We do our best to colour match and use a high quality large format printer but variables such screen brightness and filters can affect the actual colour quality of your image.

Spots on Lenses
This can happen especially if you're at the beach where sand can stick to the lens. Spots become evident when an image is enlarged. We do look over an image before printing but do not guarantee that any spot(s) are eliminated if they are on your file.

Max. Sizes
We can frame anything with a mat up to 80cm x 100cm. For a print only, we can print 60cm (at the shortest end) by 150cm. For larger sizes, email us for a quote.

Measurements and Tolerances
In some cases, the final print size may have slight variation from the exact size given in the framer. There is always a 3-5mm overlap of an image when matting and framing. 

Privacy and Rights to Image
The rights to your image must belong to you. We will assume that you have those rights and responsibility does not fall on us to ensure that there is no copyright issue. If we do think there to be a copyright issue i.e. an image of a well known artist, we will contact you. Similarly we will not use your images for anything outside of creating your product. We will seek your permission first if we would like to do a social media post in regards to your image and of course, you have every right to say no. We usually use an abstract part of your image to make a point about something i.e. paper/colour and will not use your image in whole.